Personal Training & Private Group Training

Are you looking for some guidance and support on your fitness journey?

Please stay tuned to this page as we wrap our our Winter Training Cycle and get ready for our Spring Cycle which begins March 13th. 

And also please note, we are a very small studio, so we have rather limited offerings in this regard. We’d love to be able to help everyone on their journey, but can only do what we can do. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

Please e-mail Myles @ if you’d like to get on ‘The List’ for our Spring Cycle.

A bit about Coach Myles….

Coach Myles has been teaching people how to lift weights since 2012, and has worked with professional athletes in various sports, such as Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Hockey, Lacrosse, and Surfing. However, Myles true passion is sharing the value of Strength Training with people who otherwise may not feel that ‘strength is for them’. Myles believes Strength Is For The People! and that anyone and everyone can improve their daily life, and keep that old-folks home at bay by gaining a little strength.